Courgette Smoked Curry

This creamy yet fresh tasting curry tastes great when simply cooked on the hob, but is even better when cooked on a BBQ.
By allowing the curry to reduce over charcoal whilst light smoking woods infuse into the sauce, the flavours are lifted to produce something exceptional.

I must admit, I cannot take full credit (or really any) for this recipe, as it was from the wonderful mind of my Pitmissus, Rebecca, I just popped it on the grill!

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Tandoor Style Dirty Chicken

Tandoor Style Dirty Chicken

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Cooking dirty, or directly on charcoal is a technique which many people now love and swear by for cooking their steaks. Cooking directly on the surface of the white hot charcoal gives the food an incredible charred taste. Although you may think the food would burn very quickly, the lack of oxygen in between the food and the coals actually prevents this from happening.

Finishing off chicken on ‘dirty’ also gives it a fantastic charred flavour – similar to that of chicken cooked in a tandoor, although fairly obviously, I wouldn’t recommend attempting to cook a whole chicken thigh directly on the coals for the duration unless you are going for that unique mixture of raw and burnt.
Be sure to use a good quality charcoal rather than briquettes when cooking dirty, and certainly not any kind of lighting fluid which would transfer onto your food.

I’d recommend serving this along with my Smoked Courgette Curry – the marinated chicken and charred flavours work perfectly alongside the rich, creamy smokiness of the dish.

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