My name’s Tom, and I’m addicted to BBQ…


My name’s Tom, and I’m addicted to BBQ…

Well, to be honest I’m addicted to food (easy with the jokes please, I may not be the skinniest of the bunch). We all ‘need’ food so I suppose you could say this of anyone, but I often feel that not all of us really enjoy our food.
I’ve always been somewhat of a ‘foodie’- from munching on a tasty risotto or biting into a crunchy sourdough bacon sandwich to being a founding member of a cheese club*, great food has always been at the centre of my life and a real passion of mine.

*Cheese club basically consisted of drinking copious amounts of wine paired with equally vast quantities of ingested cheese at my mate Andy’s house, so the term founding member may be a little formal for the realities of the ‘club’. It was however, the talk of his wedding…

Fairly recently I’ve really got into BBQ – or just ‘Q if you want to sound like a Pro. (There’s a really dreadful pun in that sentence so I apologise to the BBQ geeks amongst you who get it). Everyone’s into BBQ though right? Summer’s day, beer in hand, the open air and a kind of caveman-esque fulfillment of cooking meat over fire – what’s not to love!

I would still say all of these things apply to the type of BBQ I am now cooking, enjoying and will be writing about (especially the caveman-esque bit!), it’s really just the type of food that’s changed, as well the inclusion of an incredible community of people with the same love.

Move over burnt sausages and lighter fluid, we’re talking low & slow smoked tender chunks of meat… Oozy coffee and pepper rubbed beef ribs, juicy succulent brisket and just good old smoked spicy chicken wings…

I hope you’ll join me on my journey, and if you aren’t obsessed yet, that you might become a Q fanatic along the way. I want to give a real overview of the BBQ community as it is today, and how it develops so expect the odd recipe, a good few mouth-watering pics, some BBQ-joint visits, and probably a lot of rambling from me.



P.S. Obviously that fulfillment of cooking meat over fire is not restricted to ‘man’, but caveperson just sounds ridiculous.

P.S.S. It’s me on the right getting absolutely every last bit of delicious pulled pork off the bone! My mate Dave is on the left who got me addicted to craft beer and good coffee, before promptly swanning off to NZ. As my source of both of these, this was less than ideal!

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