Hey y’all,

Sorry for the pretty awful mugshots including the over thoughtful, definitely not posed burger face shot. That was a great burger though, big old rare patty and some proper smoked pulled pork…

I’m Tom. Having recently got very into the BBQ scene, I thought I’d start this little site up as a little story about how and why I’ve come to love the pastime so much and why it’s such a fantastic community. It’s also a damn good excuse to cook more BBQ, and a vaguely accepted excuse to my misses who has to put up with me being ‘that guy’ bending down to take pictures of food.

Writing ‘about me’ is always a little weird for me and these kind of things generally come across as a weird mix between a tinder profile and a CV, so I won’t bore you anymore.

My first post, is probably (funnily enough) a pretty good place to start: My Name’s Tom & I’m Addicted to BBQ

Bex (Veggie)



This is my ‘pitmissus’, Bex (as well as some random guy with a truly epic photobomb). She was a veggie for most of her life..



This is her eating Pata Negra in Lisbon shortly after “but meat doesn’t taste like this?!”… Vegetarian.



Don’t be a stranger, if you wanna chat send me a message: tom@highsteakbbq.com



Now we know each other, here’s the real burger pic. Note the blurring from presumably the speed at which I was trying to inhale it!